Monday, 15 June 2015

Get back your original pendrive size

At times situations come when you have to get things back, just take this case.

You master at crashing your OS again and again, due to one reason or the other, and then starts the endless quest for free pen-drives and isos :P

The people who have had an experience of giving their noble laptops and pendrives to you usually are not that enthusiastic to help you again
(I don't know if their last experience was bad or what) but anyways , you are now in search of one pen-drive, a pen-drive that can bring you your life back.

Now lets say a heavily loaded 16 GB pen-drive somehow becomes available by someone you know, but the pen-drive is indeed of a person, the some one you know , knows (heavy responsibility).

You take  a look at the pen-drive, your intentions are not at all noble, you want to convert it into a bootable pen-drive that can bring the electric spark back to your laptop . So you silently copy all the contents to your harddrive, download Power ISO (on someone else's laptop :P) and make the PD bootable, by brutally clicking the format option.

So now you have the pd in your hand, time to get your OS back, and you eventually get it back.
Now, lets clean the footprints , eh... get back the data to pd, delete power ISO and return people's stuff back to them.

So you insert the PD again, but whats that? Unable to copy back the contents because the volume is squeezed to 2 MB !!

Random options and cost of the PD and your trust and reliability as a person is at stake suddenly.

Chuck the rest of the story, here is how to get it back:

The problem is that the remaining space of your USB flash disk has become unallocated. To repair it, use diskpart (in windows):
  • Open command line (cmd) and type diskpart. Allow the windows to run it.
  • type list disk, and find the number of your USB flash disk.
  • type select disk X, and type the number of the USB disk instead of X.It should say that disk X is now selected.
  • type clean.
  • type create partition primary.
Now you should be able to use the flash disk as before. (You have to format it first)

Thanks to AskUbuntu.

So, now , return the stuff dude, and keep experimenting :P

Keep hacking!
See you in next post!


  1. There is no GUI to simply format a pendrive on Windows?
    Typing on this terminal I will feel like 30 years on past.
    On linux there is tons of GUI programs (like gnome-disks) that do this!

    1. There exist inbuilt Disk Management utilities too, check this out for that matter: , besides, gparted can also be used for windows, depends on your need.


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