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 Meanwhile, my cache went blank. No usage. How frequent are the chances of cache being blank if no use of a particular app is done?
*me makes a search engine query*

Hmm, so it has been rather a block on me restarting on the tech blogs I used to write. Truth is I wrote many, but couldn't finish them, so in draft. Well, this would be the feeble-most realization of writer's block if any.

Anyway, what am I intending to write here or will you just end up listening to a person who sounds tech and blabbers? Umm, no.
(Not for this post, for the least.)

So, here are quite a few realizations regarding tech I have been having lately.

One is tech at use. I don't know what software engineering has done to me but I end up finding a tech solution to my day-to-day problems.

One be "No-bai".
No, it's not a foreign language phrase though may seem like.
Just wanna say "no-bai" as in no maid, this problem happens when maid refuses to show up to work and you are unable to keep track of her because, well, mornings are meant for sleeping still. So maid steps in or steps out, you are mostly clueless until your sleeping ears turn sensitive to the adamant sounds of utensils she turns, overturns and places at some subtle surface so that it makes the loudest sound possible, thereby making it evident "She is working".

So, to solve this problem, I got a simple solution what if I ask her to just click a button on an app when she enters kitchen. What will that button do? Clicks her image and send it to server with timestamp :P
And then a server side small program with a rather simple interface to calculate number of days she worked.
The only issue was the app was supposed to be android and this can't be executed until my flatmate gets her new handset :P Even that is risky. Searched for some raspberry pi/arduino kinda thing but that will be more complicated to handle. I don't want her to leave the job anyway :P

Next thing , umm, is the saddening impacts of big data. Be the consequences come up as some unexpected political victory or anything else, this is a true sadness prevalent all around. Humans being taken advantage of for having a psyche type, a personality, an emotion as it gets recorded in terms of likes or upvotes or shares or comments.
Just think how you began today? What all you did , what all apps you used and now just imagine the traces of your day and preferences you have left on web today!
Be it booking Uber or withdrawing 1500 INR or taking a selfie or ordering food or making a purchase online/offline via debit/credit cards. It's all recorded. Infact, just once for knowledge sake go to Google Settings and find out the data it collects. It even tracks which app you clicked how many times on your android device and in what order.
You think this is useless? Let's all just way to see how these patterns are being monetized over.
This is high time and calls action from all of us, atleast until we have a just law to govern us all, only awareness can help us.
I really appreciate the way Mozilla is driving the Data Privacy concerns. It's initiatives are in high regard.
Have a look here:

Only we can make a change here.
Just think twice before installing an Android app. Check for what all permissions it asks for.
Data theft from text messages is not a new thing. Elaborating a bit, suppose you gives some app access to read your text messages, now that app can read your text message inbox. Your inbox that has all your crucial details alongwith the bank updates. Would you like to let your bank details available to a third party app so easily?
Think twice.
Thing is be it apps or web services, they are not all free. Your data is the  new currency.
Stay conscious, stay aware!

PS: The post might be inconsistent or random, reason:external influences at the time of jotting down :P But this for sure breaks the pause on this blog. See you in the posts to be rolled ahead, in a rather much frequent manner, till then keep exploring and keep hacking.



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